Thursday, July 2, 2020

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Ranking How Risky School Sports Are For 2020-21 Seasons

Will there be school sports in the fall? That’s the multi-million dollar question for team dealers and vendors, and the answer will go a long way to determining whether they pass or fail this school year. Read the full story.

Varsity Brands Raises $185 Million In New Funding

In news that will probably make many team sports vendors breathe a little easier – and make waiting those 180 days for payments seem a little shorter – Varsity Brands, the parent of BSN Sports, recently raised a total of approximately... Read the full story.

USA Football Has a Plan for Return To The Gridiron this Fall

In even more welcome news for team dealers, USA Football has said loud and clear that it plans to play football this year and it recently circulated a document based on phased reopening guidelines from the CDC. Read the full story.

Nike Cutting Jobs to Reallocate Resources to DTC

In what should worry team dealers already battling the biggest player in the sports business, Nike this week announced that it is cutting jobs. Thar’s not the real news, though, The bigger impact is that the cuts are... Read the full story.

SanMar and Allmade Partner On Eco-Apparel Line

With an eye on servicing the increasingly eco-conscious young athletes, SanMar is partnering with Allmade to be the exclusive supplier of Allmade’s ethically and environmentally... Read the full story.

Guest Editorial: Jim Hoff Explains the Team Dealer’s Home Field Advantage

Many of us have the initial opinion that “bigger is better,” and that if you’re small it is difficult to compete. We sometimes think that there isn’t a level playing field for the little guys. Read the full story.

Archives - June 18, 2020

Under Armour Unveils Coronavirus Sportsmask, Sells Out in Less Than One Hour

Proving its ability to still spot a need from athletes and to react rapidly, Under Armour last week unveiled its new reusable and water-resistant Sportsmask, only to see it sell out within one hour, according to CEO Patrik Frisk. Read the full story.

What Data Reveals About Youth Sports’ Recovery from COVID-19

There is no doubting that the mandated shutdowns of youth sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic this spring and summer have greatly impacted the business of team sports. Team dealers and their vendors certainly know that. Read the full story.

Spalding Unveils Limited Edition Kobe Basketball

Kobe Bryant was a transformational figure in all facets of basketball and life. His dedication to both the game of basketball and endeavors off the court reflected what came to be known as the Mamba Mentality. Read the full story.

NFHS Releases Guidelines for Return to High School Marching Band Activities

Savvy team dealers know that there is more to their customer base than traditional sports — and the hundreds of members of school bands are one of the hidden secrets. There’s a lot of money to be made selling uniforms... Read the full story.

Influential Sporting Goods Industry Researcher Dick Lipsey Passes Away

We were not able to include this notice in the last Team Insight Extra because of space constraints, but we would be remiss to not acknowledge the passing of one of the sporting goods industry’s true gentleman — and a good friend of Team Insight through the years... Read the full story.

Guest Column: Industry Veteran Jim Hoff Takes On the COVID-19 Pandemic

Looking for a fresh viewpoint on the team business in these challenging times, Team Insight Extra reached out to industry veteran Jim Hoff for his thoughts on where the team business is today and what it needs to do to get back to business in a post-pandemic world. Read the full story.