Sports, Inc. and OrderMyGear Form Strategic Technology Partnership

Illustrating just how far the role of technology is playing in the world of team sports, OrderMyGear and Sports, Inc. have entered into a first-of-its-kind official technology partnership. The investment Sports, Inc. is making into technology will allow team dealers to receive additional access to pre-released OrderMyGear product features and discounts on various services to provide a more robust e-commerce solution for team dealers.

OrderMyGear’s e-commerce platform will deliver to Sports Inc. members the ability to create unique online stores with personalized apparel and gear for corporations, teams, and schools. These solutions give businesses the advantage of cutting-edge technology to efficiently sell customized merchandise online. Through integrations and partnerships with all major sporting brands and apparel designers, along with the custom website builder, OrderMyGear simplifies the collection, customization, and distribution of products to the end consumer.

“We are thrilled to announce this expansion of our partnership with Sports, Inc. and look forward to continuing our efforts in enabling the industry with scalable and intuitive technology,” adds Dave Dutch, CEO at OrderMyGear. “Building products and features that advance team dealers’ ability to grow revenue and stay ahead of their competition are benefits we provide to our clients while improving the end-user experience as their demands and expectations grow.”

Sports, Inc. helps some of the nation’s most successful independent sporting goods retailers and team dealers remain competitive by developing mutually beneficial relationships with vendors in the industry, and gaining additional buying power. By utilizing Sports, Inc.’s relationships and buying opportunities, retailers and dealers are able to stay at the forefront of product and market trends, in addition to advancing the market through technology. Sports, Inc. has been serving businesses in the U.S. and Canada for almost 55 years, and has developed relationships with over 1000 vendors in the industry.

“At Sports, Inc., we focus on empowering team dealers with increased buying opportunities, dynamic industry relationships, and competitive product trends,” says Travis Elam, Director of the Team Sports Division at Sports, Inc. “OrderMyGear shares this passion, and has been transforming the experience for team dealers and decorators. We are excited to partner with OrderMyGear in shaping the future of what’s possible for our industry.”