BSN Sports Acquires David Bowen Sporting Goods

Earlier this fall BSN Sports, a division of Varsity Brands, acquired David Bowen Sporting Goods, based in Pensacola, FL. Founded in 1993, Bowen also has locations in Pace, FL, and Mobile, AL, making it one of the largest team sporting goods suppliers on the Gulf Coast.

As part of this acquisition, Bowen will retain its decoration business, Pace Monogramming.

“We are deeply impressed with the high level of customer service and deep connection with the local community that David and his team have fostered for more than 25 years, and are delighted to welcome David and his team to BSN Sports,” says BSN president Terry Babilla. “Their team presence in key Gulf Coast markets, which includes the trusted Pace decoration service, will be an excellent fit within BSN Sports’ platform.”

“Since 1993, our paramount focus has always been ensuring the right brands atcompetitive prices and an experienced, dedicated staff,” adds David Bowen. “Partnering with BSN Sports advances this dual focus in vital respects, as it greatly enhances our available product inventory and provides relationship continuity between us and our customers.”

Babilla reports that with the addition of Bowen, BSN Sports has added more than 275 sales professionals in the last 12 months, including in New York, Washington, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, Kentucky and South Carolina.