Vicis Launches Ultim Soft Headgear for Flag, 7v7 Football

With flag football and its non-contact cousin, 7v7 football, growing as an alternative to full tackle football, thankfully there is still some equipment needed and innovative companies are stepping up to fill the void. Most recent is the introduction by Vicis of its Ultim Cap, a technologically advanced soft headgear for non-helmeted practices, 7v7 and flag football.

Featuring a low-profile version of the same Vicis RFLX technology found in its Zero1 and Zero1 Youth helmets, the Ultim Cap offers a thin-walled layer designed to manage impact energy while delivering an unlimited field of view to elevate play and enable fast reaction time.

The Ultim Cap has been tested in the Vicis SmashLab and by the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab on behalf of Vicis. Test results indicate that Ultim reduces impact forces more effectively than any commonly worn soft headgear. Additionally, Ultim is claimed to be 25 percent thinner than the next best performing headgear.

According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, flag football is the fastest-growing team sport over the past three years, while 7v7 football has evolved from an under-the-radar sport to one with skyrocketing participation numbers. As both sports continue to grow, so too do injury rates.

Vicis began taking team orders online for the Ultim Cap on July 1