On My Mind...

I am technically on vacation this week but I felt the need to check in on a few topics that have been on my mind while I work on my tan (with plenty of sunscreen, of course).

Like millions of other rabid and casual soccer fans I tuned in for most of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s games in the recently completed FIFA Women’s World Cup. From a team sports participation perspective I don’t think the U.S. women’s inspiring win will provide a significant bump in little girls taking up the sport – certainly not like it did in the 1990s when the women’s game burst on the scene in this country – but it did undoubtedly confirm that the elite youth process here in the U.S. works. (That sort of begs the question why can’t the men figure it out?) At the very least we expect to see a lot more pink dyed hair on soccer pitches around the country this fall.

After looking back at my recent editorials about my travels to the Sports Inc. and NBS buying group shows and the NSGA Management Conference in May an idea struck me.  Since one of the major challenges of vendors at the buying group shows is getting in front of enough new customers to justify their investment, why not borrow one of the most successful events from the NSGA Conference – the Speed Dating concept – and apply it to the buying group shows. It doesn’t need to be for everyone in attendance, but it might provide an opportunity for vendors to spread their word a little easier. Just a thought.

On the horizon at Team Insight is our “Team Tech and New Ideas” Issue, coming in our September/October issue. We have a lot of stories we are working on, but if anyone wants to pitch me on some great New Idea out there that will help team dealers make more money, feel free to reach out at mjacobsen@formula4media.com.

And have a good summer.