Spalding Unveils Limited Edition Kobe Basketball

Kobe Bryant was a transformational figure in all facets of basketball and life. His dedication to both the game of basketball and endeavors off the court reflected what came to be known as the Mamba Mentality. In 2019, the release of the 24K Black Mamba basketball, the first ball in the Kobe x Spalding 94 Series, represented Kobe’s transformation into the most relentless competitor on the hardwood.

Now, Spalding is introducing the next installment, the Kobe 94 Series Silver basketball to celebrate the process of his daily transformation from a player with unmatched focus and determination, to a loving husband, father, coach, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. This limited edition basketball holds a grey and silver colorway with a snakeskin pattern on premium composite material to represent his continuous growth and renewal. Following his retirement, Kobe continued to shed his “player” skin and take on new challenges to inspire people around the globe.

The Kobe 94 Series Silver is dedicated to Kobe’s mission and to everyone in the process of transforming into a champion in whatever they do. In recognition of Kobe’s Legacy, and to show appreciation for our partnership, Spalding has made a donation to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.

The Kobe 94 Series Silver is priced at $124.00 and went on sale on June 15.