Hibbett Sports Unveils School Sales Initiative

Regional sporting goods retailer Hibbett Sports has launched a unique school-related initiative that may have a significant impact on team dealers and this segment of the industry.

Buried in a recent quarterly report was notice of something called the Sole School initiative involving more than 80 high schools. According to the Hibbett statement, “The program includes product and monetary donations and is closely linked to high school athletics.”

Given the current COVID-19 environment, Hibbett said it is partnering with the selected schools to develop a virtual engagement plan that will protect the safety of the communities. A pilot program will begin in the third quarter of Fiscal 2021 with a full rollout expected by the second quarter of Fiscal 2022 that will align with the spring sports season.

If successful, Hibbett will roll out the program across its many markets, allowing the retailer to gain inroads in athlete purchases not covered by the school. Additionally, its success in e-commerce would translate into team stores to capture other sales well beyond shoes and some hard goods.