The Green Easton Returns in High-Tech Upgrade

The Green Easton, which debuted in 1978 and gained legendary status with high school and college players, is back in a new version called the B5 Pro Big Barrel. The revamped bat debuts at a time when baseball in America is struggling due to the coronavirus, but Easton president Dan Jelinek tells Team Insight Extra there was never any thought about delaying the much-anticipated relaunch of the iconic bat.

“It is certainly a challenging time to get consumers’ attention now, but at the same time this is such a unique launch for Easton that we are confident with this,” he says, explaining that the new bat takes the old, simple design of the original Green Easton and builds on the look and reputation.

“The inside of the bat is a whole new engine,” he adds.

That engine brings with it a $350 MSRP for a bat being marketed to high school and college players through sporting goods, specialty baseball, team dealers and internet specialty outlets.
No youth model is available yet, but is under consideration following the initial launch. “We want to tell the story of the bat in the right way and stay true to the intent of the original bat,” Jelinek explains, adding the target consumer is a player looking for a solid, well-balanced, one-piece bat.

The technical story certainly backs up the concept of building on the reputation of the original Green Easton with modern technology for an elite product.
The new B5 Pro features a ringless barrel with varying wall thicknesses. The Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) produces a bigger sweet spot and smoother feel and, combining its construction with Easton’s Speed Cap, the B5 Pro also provides a flexible and responsive barrel.
Additionally, the bat’s Natural Pro Balance Swing Weight results in a balanced feel for both speed and power. Its Extra-Stiff ATAC Alloy Handle transfers energy into the, while its VRS Handle Insert reinforces the handle to reduce vibration and create an even more solid feel. The B5 Pro also has a premium grip, which provides a combination of cushion and tack.

The 2021 B5 Pro Big Barrel -3 BBCOR bat is available for pre-order beginning September 15, 2020 and will be available for purchase in stores and online starting October 1, 2020. Sizes include: 30”/27 oz., 31”/28 oz., 32”/29 oz., 33”/30 oz., 34”/31 oz.

“The entire Easton team is deeply proud of this latest achievement and excited to be bringing back one of the most iconic bats in our company’s storied history,” Jelinek adds. “Almost 42 years ago, Easton introduced the original B5 Pro Big Barrel bat to the baseball world and it forever changed the game for millions of amateur players. It set the standard for bat innovation then and ever since. Now, the Green Easton is back and we believe the performance will be as transformative for today’s players as it was before.”