July 17, 2019

Levine Rejoins Founder Sport Group

He’s back!!!! Former Alleson Athletic president Todd Levine is rejoining Founder Sport Group, the company that purchased Alleson in 2017, as president of the newly formed Digital Apparel Lab, formerly known as Teamwork Athletic Apparel.
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Rule Changes: Wrestling Shorts and Softball Bats

Team dealers certainly need to be aware of two subtle but important rules changes  – one at the college level and the other for high school play – for the upcoming season.
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PHIT Act Continues to Garner Bipartisan Support

Proving that it is possible to actually have a bipartisan agreement on something everyone agrees is a good idea, Congressmen Ron Kind (D-WI) and Mike Kelly (R-PA), lead sponsors of the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act...
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Selkirk Sponsoring Pickleball Tournament of Champions

Yes, pickleball is a real thing and it is happening at a health club, tennis facility or school near you. It even has a Tournament of Champions and Selkirk Sport, so far the leading pickleball equipment and accessories brand...
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Vicis Launches Ultim Soft Headgear for Flag, 7v7 Football

With flag football and its non-contact cousin, 7v7 football, growing as an alternative to full tackle football, thankfully there is still some equipment needed and innovative companies are stepping up to fill the void.
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Two-Minute Drill: Nike, BSN, USB

United Sports Brands has named Greg Houser to its senior leadership team as senior VP–design and product development overseeing the company’s full brand portfolio: Shock Doctor, McDavid, Nathan and Cutters.
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Archives - July 3, 2019 Issue

First Six Qualify for NSGA Independent Dealer Program

The team sports industry now officially has its very own certification program that is making every attempt to build up the authenticity and reputations of its team dealer members.
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SFIA Launches Fourth Start-Up Challenge

Taking a cue from the ultra-popular “Shark Tank” concept, the SFIA Start-Up Challenge returns to SFIA’s annual Industry Leaders Summit on September 25, 2019 in Baltimore, MD.
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Football Canada Bans Full-Squad Tackle Youth Football

Football Canada, the sanctioning body for American football in the country, has approved a full-squad tackle football ban for kids under 13 starting in 2022. Read the full story.

NOCSAE Issues Alert on KSONE Lacrosse Balls

The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) is warning lacrosse players, coaches and teams to avoid purchasing or using lacrosse balls with the “KSONE” brand. Read the full story.

On My Mind: OMG and BSN

It is really quite remarkable that two companies that arguably have most changed the face of the team sports industry sit just 18 miles apart as the crow flies in the Dallas area. Read the full story.

Two-Minute Drill…

With all the talk about launch angles and home runs in Major league baseball, one of the more novel new products we have come across lately makes a lot of sense. Read the full story.

Archives - June 20, 2019 Issue

NCAA Adds Acrobatics and Women’s Wrestling

Two hot new women’s sports – acrobatics/tumbling and women’s wrestling – have been recommended by the NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics to be added to the NCAA Emerging Sports for Women program...
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The E-sports Debate Continues Among Dealers

Are there opportunities for team dealers in the rapidly expanding world of E-sports? That was the question debated by a room full of team dealers at the recent NSGA Team Dealer Summit. Read the full story.

Big Peach Running Talks Retail Passion

Team dealers would do well to listen to some of the advice recently offered by Mike Cosentino, from Big Peach Running Company in Atlanta, if they are looking for ways to up their own games. Read the full story.

Easton Hitting College World Series Big Time

Easton Diamond Sports is making a big push at the College World Series in Omaha, NB, this month, laying claim as “the number one bat in College World Series History...”  
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Pryor Makes History As First Female NSGA Chair

Cathy Pryor, senior VP-store operations at Hibbett Sports, made history on June 1when she officially began her three-year term as NSGA Chair of the Board of Directors...
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On My Mind…(Jun 20, 2019)

You certainly have to hand it to the team sports buying groups — Sports Inc. and Nation’s Best Sports — as the glue that is holding together the independent team dealers in America...
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Archives - June 06, 2019 Premiere Issue

Riddell Wins $5 Million Helmet Patent Suit Against Schutt Sports

As if the football helmet business didn’t have enough challenges, a jury recently awarded a major win to Riddell over rival Schutt Sports for patent infringement.
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Basketball Uniform Changes

Numbers on basketball jerseys can no longer be the same color as the jerseys, effective with the 2024-25 season...
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Report from NSGA Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit

The NSGA Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit, held May 21-23 in Braselton, GA, can more accurately be called the Team Dealer Summit and Management Conference... 
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On My Mind...

Having just returned from the NSGA Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit in the sort-of-out-of-the-way Braselton, GA...
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Two-Minute Drill…

Shock Doctor has entered into a partnership with Odell Beckham Jr. for the launch of the new Interchange Lip Guard.
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